La Riviera dei Fiori ha una lunga storia di floricoltura, prima che la concorrenza internazionale del Sud America e dell'Africa lasciasse abbandonate molte fattorie e serre. La cannabis è qui coltivata da secoli, e la Carmagnola è una pianta di canapa italiana le cui origini risalgono al 17° secolo.


At the core of our work lies a conviction for the value of manual labor and outdoor farming. By working closely with the ecosystem and the mild climate of the mountainous areas, we ensure absolutely high quality, pesticide-free products and 100% transparency for the customers.


Should we succeed in implementing this idea sustainably and economically sensible, partners in the surrounding area could join a cooperative and sell the product by crowd-farming directly via their own shop. In the long term, we want to offer plant sponsorships and cooperative shares.