The Power of CBD

The Power of CBD2023-01-15T18:04:20+01:00

The use of Hemp or Cannabis is an ancient practice that can be traced back thousands of years B.C. throughout all great civilizations. Until today, hemp is used for a variety of purposed, including its therapeutic and medicinal qualities.

So many benefits2022-05-31T07:07:18+02:00

Antiemetic – Effective against nausea and vomiting, can treat motion sickness
Improves Sleep Quality + Combat Insommnia
Analgesic – Improves chronic pain, helps to reduce opinoids with significant improved quality of life
Antidepressant – eases mood swings, reduces anxiety for example post-traumatic stress disorder
Anticonvulsant – helps to relief menstruation pain and eases mood swings
Anti-Inflammatory Effects – reduces inflammation such as arthrosis
Antipsychotic Relief of Chemotherapy Side Effects
Anxiolytic – to prevent or treat anxiety symptoms or disorders
Eases Symptoms of Menopause: Hot flushes, night sweats, difficulties sleeping

How to use2022-02-19T15:51:53+01:00

Easy and healthy

Here’s all you do

CBD can be consumed in many ways and is even edible. However, to get the benefits of CBD, one must heat up, smoke, vaporize, or consume processed CBD oils and other products. Our CBD oils are produced with high-quality standards and are completely legal for consumption. The oil is generally administered using a dropper and held under the tongue. Consult with your doctor to find the right dosage for you.

What is CBD?2022-02-19T15:52:02+01:00

In every flower


CBD, or cannabidiol, is the second most prevalent compound of cannabis. However, CBD has no intoxicating qualities. Cannabidiol has the property to influence already existing mechanisms in our bodies. For instance, if a deficiency occurs in the body, CBD can interact with our immune system to regulate and restore our natural balance. To cherish these properties, Fiore D’Oro oils only contain natural and organic ingredients, prioritizing your health and well-being.

Collection Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum, Amsterdam-Barcelona, Photo: Floris Leeuwenberg


The Riviera dei Fiori has a long history of flower cultivation, before international competition from South America and Africa left many farms and greenhouses abandoned. Cannabis has been cultivated here for centuries, and Carmagnola is an Italian hemp plant whose origins go back to the 17th century.


At the core of our work lies a conviction for the value of manual labor and outdoor farming. By working closely with the ecosystem and the mild climate of the mountainous areas, we ensure absolutely high quality, pesticide-free products and 100% transparency for the customers.


Should we succeed in implementing this idea sustainably and economically sensible, partners in the surrounding area could join a cooperative and sell the product by crowd-farming directly via their own shop. In the long term, we want to offer plant sponsorships and cooperative shares.


Our outdoor plants are grown and harvested manually, organically, as well as pesticide-free. The CBD flowers are hand-picked, hand-manicured and prepared to the highest standards before finding their way into your home. Instead of focusing on mass production and profits, we value attention to detail and quality in our products.


In case of questions, you can refer to our FAQs or find our contact information below.


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