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CBD for women’s sufferings – the natural help

CBD for women’s sufferings – the natural help 

Cannabis and its natural ingredients are becoming more and more well-known and popular in society. Above all, the cannabinoid CBD is a real all-rounder. Among other things, it has an analgesic effect and thus offers gentle and natural help with the suffering that women must endure. Find out in this article which women’s diseases there are, what CBD exactly is and how it can be used to help.

The Suffering of Women

In our society, the suffering of women is not treated with the necessary seriousness. Women must function, no matter what stage of their hormonal balance they are in. It should not be underestimated what the female body achieves during the various phases of the menstrual cycle and how these phases affect women’s physical and mental well-being.

The different ailments of women 

PMS – Premenstrual Syndrome

PMS is all the symptoms that occur a few days before your period and/or during your period. These can vary in severity from woman to woman and from cycle to cycle.

Some women have no symptoms at all before and during their menstrual period, and some suffer greatly from the effects of PMS. The symptoms range from tension in the chest, pain in the head, back and abdomen, dizziness, tiredness, exhaustion, mood swings to sleep and digestive disorders. Those affected often also feel angry, sad, depressed, or have depressive moods.

All these symptoms can come in varying degrees of intensity and have a profound impact on women’s lives. And that month after month for decades. Often these complaints between the 15th-25th Year of life very strong, and then weaken somewhat until the women reach the menopause.


When a woman’s fertility decreases, her body changes. Menopause is the last menstrual period in a woman and is part of the menopause. These can last for years and cause the same symptoms as premenstrual syndrome. The menopause thus leads to a very painful time for some women, characterized by psychological and physical stress. They are accompanied, among other things, by mood swings, hot flashes, and sleep disorders.


Migraine is a neurological disease that is one of the most common chronic diseases. Women and men who suffer from migraines are sometimes very limited by this disease. A migraine attack can mean that the affected person must spend the rest of the day in a dark room and can no longer participate in everyday life. The symptoms are severe, stabbing headaches, sensitivity to light, dizziness, nausea and/or vomiting.


Endometriosis is a gynecological disease that is very common. They are benign growths, made of uterine mucus-like tissue, that grow in the organs adjacent to the uterus. They can be very painful, especially during periods, and can also lead to pain during intercourse. Tiredness and exhaustion are also symptoms of endometriosis.


Fibroids are benign growths in the muscle layer of the uterus, which can also lead to heavy menstrual bleeding and the associated severe pain.

Against all of these and some more ailments, CBD can be used wonderfully as a natural helper.

What is CBD?

The cannabis plant produces phytochemicals that have very special effects on the human organism. On the one hand, there are the coloring and odorous substances such as terpenes, thiols, thiolates, and esters, and on the other hand the well-known and popular cannabinoids THC and CBD.

CBD is short for cannabidiol and is one of over 113 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. After consumption, it attaches itself to receptors in the human body and ensures that various processes are set in motion. For a detailed description of this process, read the Canna Library blog’s post on the endocannabinoid system. The big advantage of CBD is that, unlike THC, it does not have an intoxicating effect.

But it has many positive effects on health. Cannabidiol works:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • analgesic
  • calming
  • anxiolytic
  • strengthens the immune cells in the body
  • inhibitory to the effects of certain cancer cells
  • Helps you fall asleep and stay asleep
  • reduces nausea
  • in case of mental upsets

It is already becoming very clear why CBD can be used specifically for women’s disorders. It helps against some complaints that can typically occur in the various hormonal stages. However, the dosage, frequency and type of intake also play a role.



CBD Oil 

CBD oils come in different concentrations. At Fiore D’Oro we offer our 10% full spectrum CBD oil, made in the warm climate of Italy. Depending on your needs, between one to six drops of oil can be dripped under the tongue daily, long-term or for a certain period.

For women who generally suffer from severe discomfort, inner fears or nervousness, a permanent intake of an oil can be recommended to minimize or even eliminate these symptoms.

Women who suffer from severe PMS symptoms can take the oil a few days before the start of their period to prevent pain and discomfort. It is recommended to start with 1-2 drops a day and slowly increase this dosage. A CBD tea can be drunk to support this, or in the case of acute pain it is advisable to vaporize the flowers.

During menopause, the permanent intake of a high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil can have a supportive and alleviating effect on this serious change in the female body. Thus, the painful side effects are perceived less strongly, or they can even be eliminated.

If falling asleep or if you have problems sleeping through the night, an additional dose of the oil can also be taken shortly before you fall asleep


The use of pure CBD flowers, e.g., by using a vaporizer, offers a very quickly noticeable help with pain, cramps, or nausea. The flowers can be inhaled with a vaporizer at the first sign of a headache (e.g., a migraine attack). The relaxing and pain-relieving effect sets in within a few minutes.

This quick and uncomplicated way of taking it also helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. The flowers also calm the nerves, relieving nervousness and inner turmoil.

CBD tea 

Another alternative is to use a CBD tea. A cup of tea in the morning and evening has a calming, pain-relieving and relaxing effect. The tea can be drunk as a supplement and support to other CBD therapies.

Creams and ointments

For painful and tense areas, creams and ointments enriched with CBD can be spot applied. These have a pain-relieving effect and relax the irritated areas.

CBD products are a wonderful, natural way to support women through their various ailments and ailments and to alleviate the sometimes very uncomfortable symptoms. Perfect for these special times, the cannabinoid works in a gentle way without the risk of addiction or strong side effects.

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